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So Here We Are

So finally after months of waiting I can finally make blog posts to this website. I thought I would be able to get access earlier but I thought wrong. So now its time update everyone up to this point. So the year started and it was pretty exciting. The meetings were the most boring thing though because Mr. Ashcroft talked about the stuff for new people and the stuff I already knew from years previous. But then came safety training's and all that. We got to be safe around tools like the bench grinder which allows makes me think of something eating. We also got to be safety certified by THE Ashcroft for cordless drill, drill press, belt sander, and that weird band saw thing. I think I named everything but you get the point. Honestly who reads these? I imagine only Erika (AKA the most epic safety captain) reading these. Then we had game night and that was really epic as usual. Everyone got a good chunk of fundraising from that. Then we had some more meetings then came the day of taking apart the old robot. The robot from 2 years ago was taken apart. I took part in this and David taught me all sorts of cool things. We were supposed to have a game night last month but then everything went wrong and it was cancelled. Now we are at this point and there is a game night this Friday and everyone should go.

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