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Competition Soon, PastaRama, and Our Finished robot

So a lot has happened since the last blog post but here is pretty much how it went. So we finished our robot and it is pretty cash money. We also are pretty much done with all the others stuff and just have some media stuff to rap up. But the main course was PastaRama. Feb. 29th we held our PastaRama at the cache venue and it went REALLY well. Not only did we have a lot of people attend but we also managed to actually sell things. Last year we struggled to sell things and it didn't go great. But this time around it went swimmingly. Thank you Cache Venue for that because it was pretty great. Next is Competititon. It is in a couple days as of making this and everyone is pretty excited. I will be sure to post something about competition during and after it. I also am attaching a video or two to this of our robot doing things at pastarama.

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