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But for real build season has started

So basically winter break happened and we lost some comrades along the way. Unfortunately fundraising is very difficult causing some of the team members to not be on the team. While we had some casualties we gained a few members of our VEX team as they could not manage and ended up being disbanded. Then we have kickoff. It was exciting as usual. They would not stop talking though and if felt like forever before they finally revealed the challenge. But the challenge itself goes as follows; there are 3 stages in this. The first stage you have to try and score X amount of balls into three holes. The bottom hole gives the least points, top hole gives more, but then there is a hole inside of the top hole. This one gives the most points. Once enough balls are scored stage two initiates and you now must score more balls and spin a color wheel several times to get different colors and you score points that way as well. Then is stage 3 where you gotta hang on this bar and get lots of points for each robot hanging with even more points for the bar being balanced. You also can get some points for going into the area of the bar you hang on. So that is the challenge. Our robot will have what we call the intake which sucks up the balls and we store them. Then we shoot them. We will have a thing to spin the wheel and detect the color. Finally we will have two hooks to hang on firmly to the bar and hang on in the middle so our entire team can hang on giving us even more points. So yeah that is happening. I will keep up to date but that is about it. We are working on our suck and shoot as well as color wheel at the moment.

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