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Build season update 2

So it has been like a week or so and it is time for another update. I really do not know who reads these at all but ya know that alright. I will do a weekly update each Saturday of what has been going on here. So we know officially have a drive base which is really awesome. We are now finishing that up and still making our intake and shooter (suck and shoot). The website has gotten some updates to it to be even better and will continue to be added to. Today we plan on making our buttons or at least some of our buttons so that is pretty epic. Our shirt design is done just not the logos for the back of the shirt. Most everyone is getting enough hours except Erika who forgets to sign in or out. Tyler is doing well on the code so that is going well. Our progress overall is going pretty good and I think we will win this time around. I mean of course we say that every year but that doesn't matter. So yeah come back next week for another SPICY update!

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